What's the course about?

Are you a tech guy/girl, who is interested in modern technologies and smart homes? Do you also feel the expansion of modern technologies in multiple industry fields and homes?

Would you like to learn something new about devices and technologies behind this expansion? Are you using smart devices without any idea how they work? Do you want to learn basics about those devices and how they are made and programmed?

Or maybe you are skilled enough, but you are still want to try and learn something new in a different environment?

Then this academic course is a right place for you!

During one week you will be able to gain a basic knowledge and learn new interesting things about software development for IoT devices. You’ll be guided to create your own custom prototype based on existing IoT devices, therefore you can experience the entire process of creating custom end-result product from the basic concept to the final realization. Take the advantage of opportunity to work in a team on a project while being supervised by experts with a goal of making a custom IoT prototype based on existing devices.

Beside that, you’ll be able to see one of the most beautiful cities in the central Europe – Kosice. You’ll have an opportunity to meet new BEST friends and taste the BEST Slovak tea in the world!

Do NOT be shy or worried about anything! Members of BEST Kosice will be there to help you in any aspect during the academic course!

We are looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

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Ing. Miroslav Biňas, PhD.


Assistant Professor

Department of Computers and Informatics
Technical University of Košice

University email: miroslav.binas@tuke.sk
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Our sponsors and partners.


Nordlicht IT Solutions is a software lab focusing on product idea incubation and custom app development that is highly scalable and solid with specialities like enterprise CRM and FinTech software.


Localhost is a software company focusing on fintech, media and telco domain where we help our clients with digital transformation to innovate and boost their business opportunities.


Rather non-conventional, quite progressive software development company, started in 2010, led by people with 10+ years in IT, focusing on custom software development, integration, long term partnership form of outsourcing and development of own start-ups.


T-Systems Slovakia executes the remote administration of practically everything related to ICT including internal and remote computer and communication networks, computer servers with various operating systems, SAP systems for enterprise management and specific customer solutions for collecting duties and education and research.


Students houses and canteens of Technical University of Kosice provides housing for almost 5000 students studying on 9 different faculties.


TUKE provides a wide range of educational opportunities at all three levels of study in Slovak and English. Internationalization of education offers a broad variety of possibilities for both Slovak and foreign students in EU countries.


Since 1976 is Karička one of the most popular and most favourite cheese products manufacturer on Slovakia. It gained it's popularity by high-quality and wide-ranging cheese products.


A company with a focus on sport and commercial complex services. A4 offers original design, quality, attention on detail and price.


A young company with many young, creative professionals ready to take care of your marketing needs. Solves problems of their clients with enthusiasm and attention to detail. Building their own local brand with world-wide standard of quality.


Student council - Jedlikova 9(SRJ9) belongs to the student organizations of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics on Technical University of Kosice. During a academic year SRJ9 organizes events for students, among the biggest is Matriculation Ball and many others.


Everybody who worked on the course.

Main Organiser

Ing. Marek Urban

Java / JavaEE software developer at Nordlicht IT Solutions s.r.o.

BEST email: marek.urban@BEST.eu.org
Company email: marek.urban@nordlicht-it.com

Fundraising Responsible

Ing. Stanislav Blaško

Java / Android developer at localhost.company s.r.o.

BEST email: stanislav.blasko@BEST.eu.org
Personal email: stanislavb26@gmail.com

Participant responsible


Martin Urban

Student of Business Informatics at TUKE

BEST email: martin.urban@BEST.eu.org
Personal email: Martin.Urban@centrum.sk

Public relations

Ing. Diana Sellárova

Frontend developer at localhost.company s.r.o.

Personal email: dianasellarova@gmail.com

Public relations

Ing. Jozef Perháč

CRM & Java software developer at Nordlicht IT Solutions s.r.o.

BEST email: jozef.perhac@BEST.eu.org
Company email: jozef.perhac@nordlicht-it.com

Academic responsible

Ing. Lýdia Drábiková

Java developer at T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o.

BEST email: lydia.drabikova@BEST.eu.org
Personal email: drabikova.l@gmail.com

Logistics responsible


Táňa Mochnacká

Student of Prosthetics and Orthotics at TUKE

BEST email: tana.mochnacka@BEST.eu.org
Personal email: tanya.mochnacka@gmail.com

Social responsible


Kevin Rebreš

Student of Business Informatics at TUKE

BEST email: kevin.rebres@BEST.eu.org
Personal email: kevin657841@gmail.com

Social responsible


Jakub Sýkora

Student of Intelligent Control of Electromechanical Systems

BEST email: jakub.sykora@BEST.eu.org
Personal email: quicklymonkey@gmail.com

Food responsible


Bc. Ján Mochnacký

Student of Informatics at TUKE

BEST email: jan.mochnacky@BEST.eu.org
Personal email: Mochnacky.j@gmail.com