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Dear participant!

Thanks for choosing Kosice for your temporary spring destination. We promise you, it will be time BEST spent.

We are giving you a chance to look deeply inside the problematics.

Come to Kosice and take this awesome course that we prepared for you, meet the BEST people, work hard and play even harder. Use this opportunity to learn from experienced professionals including startup mentors, managers, finance and law experts and least but not last the real startup owners.

Learn how to bring your idea to life. Start up your development

It has never been easier to fulfill your childhood dream of owning a company, or to develop your entrepreneurship idea. We live in an age, where you can learn from the best, and use state of the art processes to achieve your goals. Our goal for this course is to bring them to you :)

Get to know Slovakia

This is your chance to explore central Europe, see our breathtaking nature cowered by snow, and visit one of our most beautiful cities. We will take you around the historical city centre, you will taste the national cuisine and drinks, and become familiar with slovak culture. Meet awesome people, make this week legendary and welcome to our great country


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Syllabus and Prematerials
Virtual Reality Systems - Lecture notes


Who we are?

Local BEST Group Kosice was founded in 1994. During our 24 years of activity we were involved in organizing a number of projects – both academic and non-academic courses, cultural exchanges, seminars for students, case studies.

The emergence of this organization to allow students the Technical University to continually expand their knowledge and walked with modern times thanks to international projects.

What we do?

The founders were students who saw the possibility of developing, providing more and better opportunities for young people worked on the technology, science and research. The aim of our organization is to provide knowledge, information and practical experience, converge the country through the mobility of students. We reach hundreds of students who have the opportunity to use our services.

Explore our city :)

Survival Guide

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BEST TU Košice

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040 01 Kosice, Slovakia

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Tel: 055 / 6022142

Main Organiser

Eliska Do


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Girl in a jacket