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About project


International academic course on IT

What if March would be last month of your life?

Would you like to spend it sitting behind the desk?

Or you would search for something what make you alive?

Take a second option!  Let´s go on the mission.

A mission to discover new trends in IT and Slovakian BEST spirit!



You can´t stop IT: New trends in Costumer Based IT solutions is seven days long academical course on Information technologies from students like you, brought to you by Local BEST Kosice.  

If you want to meet cool people, visit Little Big country Slovakia, enjoy one unforgettable week of interesting lectures and social events get on board and apply to our course.

Everywhere you hear talking about Information Technologies. IT plays a significant role today in the new sciences. Do you want to know how in economics, biomedicine or robotics? We want to show you where and how they are implemented in the real world!

If IT are in your life next to oxygen and electricity, if you believe that IT are the key factors in quick healthcare and human development,

if you'd like to know how to make your business more effcient or if you want to meet and play with sweet humanoid robots or maybe to teach them something new. If you see future in computers and robots. We want to know you personally!!!!

Don't be afraid! Computers are not intelligent. They only think they are.

Pošlite základné údaje o sebe (Meno, Priezvisko, odbor, ročník...) podrobnejšie info nájdete tu.



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