For companies

BEST Košice is dynamical student’s organisation working under patronage of the Technical University in Kosice. Our mission is to create opportunities for improving of personalities of students and to offer them possibility to use their skills. The gist of our activities is to offer additional education through different local and international projects. Also we are supporting our students in their careers and we are helping them to find their real future employment.

„…our organisation needs strong partners for reaching our wished goals“.

What we offer

  • presentation of your company at the field of Technical University in  Košice and at the international level through 96 partnersgroups in 33 european countries
  • propagation of your company at our website, delivery of leaflets, posting  of posters in the area of university
  • participation at the projects – organisation of international courses, competitions, workshops, engineering competitions, case studies…

Partnership offer ac. year 2016/17