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Map of BEST LBGs in Europe

BEST, Board of European Students of Technology is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation.

Since 1989 we provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.

96 Local BEST Groups(LBGs) in almost 33 countries are creating a growing, well organised, powerful, young and innovative student network. (check this interactive map).

BEST strives to help European students of technology to become more internationally minded, by reaching a better understanding of European cultures and developing capacities to work on an international basis. Therefore we create opportunities for the students to meet and learn from one another through our academic and non-academic courses and educational symposia. “Learning makes the master”, but the final goal is a good working place, therefore we offer services like an international career centre to broaden the horizons for the choice on the job market.

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Our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the “student – company – university” triangle closer.

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Local Best Group Košice (LBG Košice)

Local BEST Group Kosice was founded in 1994. During our 24 years of activity we were involved in organizing a number of projects – both academic and non-academic courses, cultural exchanges, seminars for students, case studies. The emergence of this organization to allow students the Technical University to continually expand their knowledge and walked with modern times thanks to international projects. The founders were students who saw the possibility of developing, providing more and better opportunities for young people worked on the technology, science and research. The aim of our organization is to provide knowledge, information and practical experience, converge the country through the mobility of students. We reach hundreds of students who have the opportunity to use our services.


How it began

Intention to constitute LBG (Local Best Group) at 26. October 1992 was lawful by federal department of Czechoslovakia Federal republic (Slovak republic now) establish branch of BEST on Slovakia. The first was BEST Bratislava at Slovak Technical University. Intention to constitute a LBG in Kosice on second biggest technical university on Slovakia (Technical University of Kosice) started at 3.August 1994 by Milos Los, but in this age was official proposal from government that new LBG Kosice can perform just under LBG Bratislava. But for this process was necessary change statute of LBG Bratislava. Another chance was create a substantive statute for LBG Kosice. It was more acceptable way. New statute of LBG Kosice was created and at 22. November 1994 also LBG officially registered. First president and simultaneous statutory was Milos Los.

In GA 1994 Turin became LBG KE baby member and later in GA 1996 Tallinn became fullmember.


Spring 2020 – Akademický kurz – See the BEST in I(o)T
Spring 2019 – Akademický kurz – Escape the reality: Explore the BEST virtual one
Spring 2018 – Akademický kurz – STARTUP Kosice, STANDUP Europe
Spring 2016 – Európska inžinierska súťaž EBEC
Winter 2016 – Akademický kurz – IoT, Smart future
Winter 2015 – Akademický kurz –  The world of mobile development
Spring 2013, 2014, 2015 – European BEST Engineering Competition EBEC
Winter 2014 – Learning Event-Technological Course: Our prediction is not innovative fiction
Winter 2013 – Learning Event-Technological Course:  Fly in the sky
Winter 2012 – Learning Event-Technological Course:  Suit Up Marketers!
Winter 2011 – Learning Event-Technological Course: Drive a Wheel in your head
Spring 2011 – Non-academic: Build your bridge
Jar 2010 – ALearning Event-Technological Course: You can’t stop IT – New trends in Customer Based IT Solutions
Autumn 2008 – Learning Event-Technological Course: Empower by
Electric Power Autumn 2007 – Learning Event-Technological Course: Get Yourself Integrated
Summer 2006 – Leisure Event: RETRO ROOTS
Summer 2005 – Learning Event-Technological Course: My House-My Castle
Summer 2004 – Leisure Event: Crazy Outdoors-See It, Do It, Enjoy It
Winter 2003 – Learning Event-Technological Course: Industry & Ecology-a battle of symbiose?
Summer 2002– Non-academic: X-Lost
Winter 2001 – Academic: How to live in e-world
Summer 2001 – Non-academic: Get medieval in 21st century…
Summer 2000 – Non-academic: Summer School of Caves 2000
Summer 1999 – Non-academic: L.O.S.T-LunAtic Outdoor Survival Trekking
Summer 1998 – Summer Course: Summer School of Caves
Spring 1998 – Non-academic: SKI WEEK of LBG Kosice, Slovakia
Summer 1997 – Summer Course: Environmental Case Studies