How can I apply for a course?

  • Click on  http://www.best.eu.org/student/courses/coursesList.jsp
  • Choose your course which you would like to attend and click on apply now!
    • If you have already created your account – just log in
    • If not – create new one (without any special marks!)
    • If you have old code for logging in, you can renew your account with it
  • Write your motivation letter

Please note that if you want your motivation letter be shown to organisers and let them read it, you have to contact your local BEST group to verify and confirm that you are student of technical university which is in BEST member. This verification can be done through your student’s record book or your student’s identity card – ISIC.

After whole this process you have to wait if you were that one lucky and you were chosen for participating at some course. If yes, you have to pay deposit 40EUR just to be sure that you are seriously thinking of attending this course. After your return we will give you money back.

How to write motivation letter?

  • In English.
  • Write where you study and what, why do you want to participate at this course, what is your hobbies and why are you that right one for this course.
  • Do not forget that your motivation letter will be read by same students as you, so use your creativity and fantasy as much as you can!.
  • Motivation letter should not be too short or too long.
  • We recommend you to write it all in informal way, course is not only about lectures 😉

How much will I pay?

There is fee for each course, it depends on organizers, how much. The fee can’t be higher than 45 euros. Slovak participanst pay always 1/3 of the fee.  Fee contains food, accommodation and stuff for lectures. As a participant, you have to pay for your trip and other spendings like extra drinks, souvenirs….


Do I have to speak foreign languages?

All the courses are for students from whole Europe, so you should be able to speak about basic themes and also follow lectures. Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to be an expert!


Can my friend go with me?

Unfortunately, we can’t promise it. Participants are always choosed by organizers of course and they don’ use to choose two (or more) people from one city/univesity.